God is exist!


This is the story about a young man who spent long time studying in the United States and other developed countries. He has finished his study, successfully gained his Ph.D. and returned to his country, Indonesia. Allegedly said, the young man has some philosophical questions in his head with big curiosity. No one gives him satisfied answers so far. Soon when he reached home, he asks his parents to present a religious Islamic scholar or ulama or whoever who can answer his three unsolvable questions. Eventually, his father calls a kiayi, a local ‘ulama or Islamic leader who lives in a little village near their home somewhere in West Java.

Young man (ym): “Who are you?”
Kiayi: “I am a God server. With His blessing, hopefully I can answer your curiosities.”
Ym: “Are you sure able to answer my difficult questions? For your information, many professors I’ve met during my study abroad could not satisfy me.”
Kiayi: “I’ll try. I’ll do my best.”
Ym: “Okay. I have three questions on Islamic teaching that I could not understand so far. First, if God is really existed, how can we prove it? Show me His form and appearance? Second, what is fate? Three, in the Koran, God (Allah) remarks that shaytan will be put in the hell afterlife? If the shaytan was created from fire, why should God send him to the hell? Don’t you know that the fire and the hell have the same substances, have the same chemical elements? Of course, the shaytan will feel nothing. Why God teaches us such a fool religious doctrine?”

Suddenly, the kiyai slaps on his cheek quite powerfully: “Plaakk…!”
The young man is shocks and gets angry: “What are you doing…? Why should you be angry?”
The kiayi replies tranquilly: “I am not angry young man! That’s the answer of your three questions!”
Ym: “How come? I do not understand!”
Kiyai: “Of course, you won’t understand before I explain it. Okay, how do you feel my slap? ”
Ym: “Of course, I feel pain.”
Kiyai: “So, you believe in the pain is existed?”
Ym: “Yes.”
Kiyai: “Show me its form, show me its appearance? How come you believe in something that you can’t see?”
The young man does not response. “That’s the first answer. We believe in God without recognizing His form.”
“Second,” said the kiyai, “have you dreamed last night that you will be slapped by me now?”
Ym: “No.”
Kiyai: “That’s the fate. Anything occurred to us and we can not avoid it, is a fate decided by God. “
Kiayi: “Three, look at my hand, what is made from?”
Ym: “Skin.”
Kiayi: “Your cheek?”
Ym: “Skin.”
Kiyai: “What do you feel my slap?”
Ym: “Painful.”
Kiyai: “The shaytan will feel the same when he enters the hell. God makes it like that. You can imagine, even the fire-made shaytan will miserably suffer in the hell, let alone the meat-made creature like us. Certainly, human will suffer more if they don’t not believe in God and do not worship Him!”[]

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