Indonesia knows no colonialism whatsoever

By Kafeel Yamin

Christopher Columbus threw the anchor on the coast of Bahama, October 12, 1492. He then proceeded to Cuba and Haiti. In the perspective of the then‘Espaniola’, a ‘new world’ was found. Ever since, clusters of white Europeans migrated to the new world. Each European country made colonies there, as if the continent was a cake shared between friends. Enclaves of colonialism were created. The settlers controlled lands; establish law and order. The citizens were European immigrants. Where were the native population? They were pushed aside. Murdered, massacred, their population was decreasing under continues attack by the settlers.

Now the continent’s original inhabitants, the Indians, lived just a few hands. They do not have power and authority. The Indians are just an inch away from extinction.

What is now called The United States of America is the work of looters. The Declaration of Independence of Americain 1776 was none other than the white encroachers who founded the state on men’s land. The Indians, Apache, Mayan are not part of the declaration.

In short, the white people came to America; finished up the indigenous population; then established a state there.

The Brits came to the continent of Australia. Clusters of white people then went there; acquired lands; establishing law and administration on men’s land – now called Australia. Where the native population? Oppressed, marginalized and the number was getting fewer and fewer, exterminated by the white invaders. The Aborigins lived a few hands – excluded from the life of the ‘new’ state who boast abut democracy and equality.

In Tasmania, a small island south of the continent of Australia, the situation was much excruciating. The whole population were massacred by the white invaders in a very barbaric manner. They controlled the island until now. And the Tasmanian become extinct at all.

A British sailor named Abel Janszoon Tasman landed on a small island off the Australia’s southern ocean, 13 December 1642. Soon, shiploads of white men came to the small island and named it New Zealand. The island’s original inhabitants, the Maori, are on the verge of extinction.

The whites also came to the Cape of Good Hope of Africa; established an administration in what is now known as South Africa. The indigenous were not allowed to sit equal with the white looters. The indigenous were eligible to be killed and enslaved, until Nelson Mandela in 1994 taught the white looters that indigenous were also human beings, even more dignified, by winning a multi-racial elections. However, Mandela’s struggle was for nothing more. The white looters remain legitimate rulers of South Africa.

Other nations have different fate after being occupied by the European invaders. Some managed to free themselves after centuries of bloody struggle, such as China. Some succeeded in driving the colonializers out but with their countries were no longer intact, such as India which became separated with Pakistan. Korea turned out to be divided into the north and the south. The Palestinians even have lost their homeland. The most successful those with the states and territories back into the hands of the indigenous, such as Algeria, Libya, the Philippines, and several others.

To put it simpler, the nations made it through the colonial period with three conditions: freed and found their countries no longer intact; freed and found their countries should accept foreign powers; freed and got their countries back into hand. All of these are called independence.

But Indonesia is particularly different. Indonesia is special.

The region was looted since the early 15th century by the Portuguese, then the Dutch and British in the 16th century until the late 19th century. After the colonial period, the local ethnics and the indigenous did not perish; not evern decreased. In fact, a new nation, which was much larger, was born. It is called Indonesia.

This is at once a correction to the Indonesian history, which for some reason is believed without criticism: Indonesia was not freed from the Netherlands or Japanese colonialism. Indonesia was born! If it could, the so-called Proclamation of Indepedence’ should be corrected because it was wrong. The proclamation should not have said ‘We hereby declare the independence of Indonesia’, but instead, it should have said ‘We hereby declare Indonesia is born’.

Indonesia as a nation and country was never colonized by any nation. Those once colonized were the Javanese, Moluccunese, Sundanese, Acehnese, Padangnese, and local kingdoms. Indonesia was born after the Dutch fled the region. How could it have been colonized?

Although it was new, it was strong. The attempted to invade the fledging country twice [1947, 1949], they were forced to retreat in shame. The second attempt was by clinging to the allied troops. It flopped. Few revolutionary youth were enough to make the British a quick lift foot along with the illegal passenger.

On August 17, 1945, a new state, a new nation was born — new and phenomenal. The rubble of colonialism were all replaced: language, names of places, organization of government, economic system, ideology, constitution, and most importantly: the nation character.

Before, people speak Javanese, Sundanese, Padang, Maluku, Manado, and so forth. The inter-ethnic language among them was Melayu. Then born was the Bahasa Indonesia since 1945 – which was different from the local languages.

Before, the economic system that was based on colonialism, which featured plantation, labor, land rent and tribute. Since 1945, people’s enterprises emerged, commerce, and the private productions were growing.

Before, the political ideology was feudalism mixed up with colonialism. Since 1945, Pancasila, which is a genuine work of reasoning by Indonesian scholars, was adopted. Attached to it were the ’45 Constitution, Unity in Diversity and a set of nationalistic thoughts.

Before, the names of towns and places were in Dutch: Batavia, Buitenzorg, Fort de Kock, Oosthaven, Java’s Eerste Punt, Prinsenlaan, Weltevreden, and many more. Since 1945, the names changed into Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Bukittinggi, Bandar Lampung, Ujung Kulon, Mangga Besar, Ujung Berung and more.

See in other areas: Since Captain James Cook of Wales landed at an Australian beach in 1770, British criminals and prisoners were sent there. They then built settlement and named it New South Wales – now federal state.

In time, all places in the continent were named in the looters’ language: Queensland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Canberra. The indigenous names are unknown. So it goes in the American continent: California, Los Angeles, New York, Hampshire, Carolina, Arizona, Columbia, Kentucky and many more. The original name were completely unknown.

In Indonesia, all looters’ names completely disappeared and new names in Bahasa Indonesia or local language became popular. The new names also gave a sense of national pride and gave a boost to self-confidence.

But the present generation, most perverted generation in the history of this nation, even voluntarily replaced the original names, which the extraordinary works of their predeccsors, with foreign names. In other nations, a foreign naming was made through bloody oppression! In Indonesia, the most perverted generation of this nation, voluntarily replace the original names of villages into Green Hill, Eldorado, City Seasons, Kuningan City, Jakarta Convention Center, Sudirman Square, Batam Center …

Hotel Indonesia was change into Kempinski Hotel.

Apparently, with the error of this generation, acquiring control of Indonesia and its culture can be made without persecutions and pressures, they can do it themselves because mentally, they are slaves.

The new state took over foreign companies and transformed them from blood-sucking corporation into people’s welfare-generating enterprises. But this latest generation, the most perverted generation, even sell their hard-earned corporations for their own benefit.

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