The Last Stop: The American Collapse That We Don’t Wish for…

By Rakan Al-Majali


Many were happy about the Soviet Union’s collapse and joined the Capitalist West. In spite of the joy about the collapse of the Communist army, time proved that the bipolarity emerging after the Second World War was somehow an element contributing to international balance.

Today the world sees that America’s unchecked unilateral power has exhausted the whole world, including America.

Despite all that, we still do not wish for America to collapse, despite its bloody and destructive evilness towards our nation. We believe that America’s collapse would cause world panic and might be the beginning of other collapses around the globe. Based on the effects of the financial meltdown, the complete collapse of America would be more destructive and tragic.

Americans began to feel more than a year ago that the imperial dream had turned into a nightmare, and the breaking down of the Bush administration’s madness began in stages, prominent amongst which was the formation of the Baker-Hamilton commission and its 79 recommendations.

Please allow me to express my doubt and skepticism about all the American variables, changes, and the peak of its presidential election, which in some of its more inspiring aspects expressed a broad political coup, especially since it came from a state of panic and reactions based on mysterious givens.

What certainly stands out on the surface through the shiny slogans from the tongue of the President-elect about America is that it is “The country of values and mind power and not of army and wealth power.”

What I fear is that the destruction is beginning to spread like a cancer inside American society, which will exceed the expansive and widespread financial crisis. It is no secret that this crisis will get worse in the coming years.

When specialized survey institutions conducted a poll around the world about Bush and McCain’s popularity before the presidential election, 80% of the people voted for Obama and 20% voted for McCain.
Paradoxically, most of those who voted for McCain, from our region and the rest of the world, when they were asked why they voted for McCain, said they hoped that the end of America would be by his hands, by continuing Bush’s policies, and so get rid of America once and for all. That, according to their opinion, would be good for the world and humanity.

As you notice, this indeed reflects the oppression, suffering and bitterness of the people under American tyranny, and its arrogance about violating homelands, dignities and freedoms of other nations. This became the only reputation of American policies for a long time, and it stood out and took a more barbaric form through the eight years of Bush’s administration, bringing harm and damage to the world, including America itself, which is threatened by collapse.

Even if we overlook the conclusion that what happened to America indicates an American degradation from the inside, we still cannot ignore that expanding the American war against Afghanistan by sending new troops, and that operation “Breakneck” (?) is an illusion.
Remember Britain’s defeat in Afghanistan, followed by the Soviet Union’s defeat. Keeping in mind the defeat of all those who occupied Afghanistan from the beginning of being Afghanistan, we are sure that America will not be an exception.

It is no secret that increasing the number of American troops and expanding the war in Afghanistan will be a disaster; it is the idea of President-elect Obama, and Secretary of Defense Gates (also Bush’s Secretary of Defense), who is very keen and excited about this idea.

And if Obama wants to “Break his stick in his first battle,” then his battle against Afghanistan will be the beginning of an American collapse that we don’t wish for. And that would be another story. (

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